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Former Employee - Wine Associate says

"Toxic "sales above all" store culture. No one cared what the customers actually wanted, they just wanted us to push "Winery Direct" and "Spirits Direct" products to increase the store's profits. Total Wine Employees are paid bonuses based on how much "store brand" product is sold. The managers and supervisors all seem to have landed at Total Wine because they had failed in the professional world."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Work life is terrible, the bonus opportunity is a joke. 2 billion in sales and the Trones keep all the money!"

Current Employee - Wine Associate says

"- Lack of commitment to stated company core values. - "Program of the month"-type leadership. - Continual hiring from outside the company to fill vacant positions, despite a stated "promote from within" policy. - Continual "do more with less" that comes down from Corporate. In fact, that's pretty much the ONLY consistent thing to come out of Corporate -- other than that, it's random whether the directions this month will work with, or be completely counter to, the directions from last month (in 3 months, you can go from "Concentrate on margin!" to "Stop concentrating on margin, concentrate on top-line sales!" to "Stop concentrating on top-line sales, concentrate on winery direct penetration!"). - "Flexible scheduling" is code for "your schedule is going to be more-or-less random, and you may not get your schedule until the Wednesday before it starts." It's impossible to be full-time and plan simple things like a doctor's appointment without having to make a time off request.... a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, despite the schedule not coming out until half a week before it starts. If your availability isn't 24-7-364 (Christmas is the one day of the year you are guaranteed off), expect to only be part-time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Non-competitive pay and low pay. Expected to do work of two people for barely the pay of one."

Current Employee - Wine Supervisor says

"Penny pinching corporate culture. Your store will always run on a skeleton crew, and the work load grows by the day. There are more people working inside a small Starbucks store on a Tuesday afternoon than at any Total Wine store. Imagine running a store the size of a grocery store, with dozens of customers who all need help at any given time, large truck deliveries coming in, displays that need the be built, shelves that need to be restocked, and so much more; and there are only 3 employees on shift including yourself. Its an absolute nightmare. The pay scale is horrible, I got a 35 cent raise after 2 years of busting my hump, and its downright insulting. Many stores have eliminated a manager position, and instead, they bring in a "supervisor." As a supervisor, you are responsible for all of the work, duties, sales and shrink numbers that a manager has to do. You will do the work of a manager but you will not be paid for it. Supervisor pay is barely a living wage. You will work for peanuts and zero appreciation. Upper level management has no compassion for their employees, in their eyes, you are replaceable. No matter your knowledge or skill, if your store is not selling enough "Winery Direct" wines, then you look bad by proxy. Its assumed you're not good enough because 20 customers bought cases of "loss leader" wines that day, or that week. As a supervisor you work 50 hours a week, and your schedule is different every week. Even when you work a 12 hour shift, you only get 30 minutes for lunch. You will have no time for friends or family. You will work very hard for a promotion and recognition, only to see outsiders hired into management positions around you. Managing at a Total Wine requires institutional knowledge of the business and the alcohol industry. But upper management will bring someone who managed a JC Penny in to run your store and they have no idea what they are doing here. In the last year there has not been one single internal promotion in our market. But several outsiders have been brought on board into leadership roles. Run away."

Former Employee - Wine Associate Aka Stock Clerk says

"This is a back breaking job. I was hired in as a Wine Associate, I was told how great it was, the list of things were, free wine, the knowledge you will get for wine & spirit's is a big thing they like to say, not so much. What you will get is 3 days of tasting lots of wine, whiskey, rum, the winery direct brand, and as you get this wisdom of wine, you will also get how to only sell Winery Direct. You are not to sell any national brand items. Once you are done with training, that is it. your done learning all the great wisdom of wine. Now you sell and stock. and stock, cases and cases of wine. Your title might be Wine Associate but it's just a pretty name for a merchandiser. So while you spend 10 to 12 hours every shift stocking wine, spirit's and other things such as food, and snacks, you are to sell winery direct products. Now you won't get any more money for selling this, you will get a "good Job' over the head phones. no commission just keep selling. I would say if you love to sell get a job where you can make great money being a sale's person. This is not the job for that. After 90 day's you will get a review and a raise, this is the best part...10 cents to 50 cents. It really just gets worse. Long hours, if you work a 6 hour shift, you will not get any break, but if you work 6.5 hours you can get a 30 minute break, I found out when people were scheduled for a 6 hour shift, they would not take a break to eat, because they got paid so little that they needed all the money they could get. Now if you work 12 or 13 hours, you get the same 30 minute break you would get if you worked 6.5 hours. This could just be in Arizona, but I find it hard to believe that a company that has this many stores in so many states thinks this is a good business practice to keep good employees. The head set, now this is just awful, if used properly could work great, but it's not, mangers yelling, mangers disciplining employees over the head set and yes every one will hear it. Micro-managing at it's best. 3 out of the 4 managers were great at it. Manager meetings all the time, for hours. very low staff, only because they don't want labor costs to go up. You will hear "Hey it's retail what do you expect" A heck of a lot more! This was by far the worst job I have ever had. Long very Long hours, would work 8 day's in a row, just to get one day off, but nope it's not over time because of the way the schedule is made, never get 2 day's off in a row, you will always work all weekend long, unless you are the store manager then you get Thursday - Sunday off. I would say if you are thinking about this, think really hard and keep looking for a better job, they are out there. This place is just awful. The Holiday hours are the worst, If you work during the end of October-January, you will not see your family, you will not get to do any thing outside of working your butt off for people who could care less about you. My advice keep searching. I did learn that management found out about this site, and they go on it and put 5 stars, and say how fantastic the place is, and give the mangers the best reviews."

Everything says

"Promotions: There are no promotions. They don't promote within the store. They will tell you that they're training you as a supervisor, receiving manager, or any other position and they don't follow through. All they do is make empty promises to make you stay. They will give you a managers shirt and even schedule you as store manager while you're still getting paid as cashier, merchandiser, or wine associate so that they can go do whatever they want. I worked there for 2 years and not once had I seen the people that were told they're being promoted that actually do. Instead they hire people who have no idea what they're doing from other non-related companies and have you train them; not once had I seen a manager train an employee. Training: Very little to none. Like I said before, the managers don't train their new employees. Instead, they just send them to the floor or the cashier and expect everyone who's busy already to train these people so as a result you get horrible customer service because no one knows what they're doing. Leadership: Let me just say this and you can form your own opinion about the "leadership" that goes on in that place. The few times that temps come in to help, the store manager at the time (who recently moved to the Tempe store) had the ONLY help we had PULLING WEEDS in the back of the store while there's multiple pallets that need to be broken down and shelves stocked, which again results in bad customer service and customers yelling at you. The store manager that just transferred to the Scottsdale store is a million times better when it comes to respect but the management is still horrible. The assistant manager has had no training and knows the district manager personally. There are no bonuses. The only bonus is for the managers and that's if the employees sell what management decides to be sold that month (which is typically because they ordered too much of one product from being sold by a distributor that it was a good idea). The people who actually work towards the bonus, do not receive it. It goes directly to management and then later on you'll just be told that you didn't sell enough. The wine associates and managers get 6 free bottles of wine a month, that you don't choose. If you're trained in beer, which is rare, you'll get 6 free bottles of beer a month, which you don't choose. Everyone else doesn't get anything, no incentive but you're still expected to sell just as much and bombard people with signing up for their spam emails and you'll just get told you didn't get enough when you've already met your quota. You'll be scheduled 10 hours on a cash register, alone during the holidays and weekends, even though you were hired as merchandiser or wine associate because for some reason they won't hire any more cashiers which stresses everyone out."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Where to start. 1- Horrific back breaking work for 12+ hours a day for crap pay 2- ONE 30 minute break for 12-13 hour shifts 3- .30 cent raise for the ENTIRE year, I was one of the highest rated employees too 4- Must lie to your customers, bait and switch OR ELSE 5- Pathetic benefits 6- Worst owners in the world, they make 250 million but you make NADA 7- Close then open schedules, only 8 hours between shifts 8- NO HELP, everyone quits 9- EVERY employee except 2 in store looking to leave 10- They lie to you to get you to stay 11- NO breaks even when lifting and stacking 100's of cases per hour, on crappy, broken ladders (our GM fell once) 12- 1980's sales training with role playing??"

Former Employee - Merchandiser says

"I left this job two years ago, and nothing I have to say is unique to these reviews. Still, I felt obligated to start a glassdoor account and add to the mountain of negative reviews, just in case I can help convince anybody to avoid this nightmare. -Poor scheduling. I like to get eight hours of sleep when I can, but often I wouldn't have that much time between shifts. Many of us wanted to work full time, but were scheduled just below 40 hours a week. It seemed a lot like management was simply trying to avoid giving us the full-time benefits and bonuses. -Longhours (generally 10-12 hours, sometimes 13), with one 30 minute break. -Much of this time is spent moving heavy cases. I thought this was a pro at first, but soon it turned from good exercise to back and shoulder problems. I recently ran into an old manager of mine who had left the company three years ago, and he said that he still suffered from Total Wine related back problems. -Embarrassingly aggressive bait-and-switch sales tactics. Luckily, as a merchandiser, I wasn't pushed as hard to sell Total Wine's winery direct brands as the wine associates were. Still, listening to customers being told that they didn't really want their favorite wines all day was truly draining. All the while, the managers push for more and more of these lies. -Spending that much time, doing that much physical labor, and in such an in-genuine environment put me in a long term daze. I was always to physically and emotionally exhausted to realize that there was more to life than moving boxes, and that I needed to look for better job opportunities. I stuck around for a year and a half, but, looking back, I'm shocked that I didn't get myself out after a few months. -Finally, with such a horrible job, it becomes very hard to resist buying the alcohol that faces you all day everyday. I'm no teetotaler; I still love beer and wine. However, about 75% of the money that I spent on alcohol while I worked at Total Wine should have gone into my savings account instead. I deeply regret that of what little money I made working for that company, I squandered so much of it in my misery. Of course, your mileage may vary. I've probably made myself out to be a sad sack, but as soon as I left Total Wine, my entire life improved instantly. I realize again that life is a wonderful thing outside of this company. Please, don't do this to yourself."

Merchandising (Current Employee) says

"most of the managers stand around doing nothing, while some will go out of their way to just to catch you not working for a split second just to chastise you for it. youre expected to do far more than you are actually paid for. clique mentality. customers are always right and managers allow them to berate you then just shrug it off. owners and higher ups in the company do not care about anyone but the managers and will likely not even give you the time of day. terrible company and place to work.everything"

Wine Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Do not recommend working here. Very micro-managerial. I was only there for a long seven months. Managers spoke horribly about customers over the headsets. It was just a terrible work experience!!!! I cannot even go back there to shop knowing they are going to talk about all of the customers over their headsets. I actually had to reprimand the assistant manager for doing so."

Casheir (Former Employee) says

"Was very excited to be apart of opening new store. That is untill the true nature of management showed their true selves. With in a month of opening i was singled out by front end manager and nit picked on a daily basis. Was not one od the favorites"

Cashier/Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"If you don’t like wasting time this is the perfect place not to go. The management is less than professional. The benefits are non existent. Employees are treated like second class citizens with no regard for overall employee morale and employee health and safety. I would never recommend this company to shop at or work for to my worst enemy!"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I will never work at this store ever again, or maybe even the company either because of how they treat the new employees. At first I was excited to work here and learn about the wine, beer and spirits industry. But that quickly changed when I noticed cashier's leaving the registers just to talk to someone? Leaving me by myself with 4 customers in my line when the policy states that if you have more than 2 you need back up but she was right there and didn't bother to help me!! And my coworker quit because they were treating her the same way! Ignoring her, not answering her Paige's, or showing any kind of manners. I also met someone else who worked there and said she also felt this way."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do you like getting underpaid and overwork plus not being respected? Well this is the job for you, in my time there I was way overworked and way underpaid they care more about selling then the employees if you did not sell winery direct oh boy watch out but the worst part was the management who really does not care about the employees one bit, the term is you don’t quit jobs you quit managers is a huge understatement because I have never worked with such a horrible management staff in my life leaving that place was the best decision I made in my life. The management staff never once cared about its employees if you had an issue/problem their response is how much winery direct have you sold and don’t think about having a Friday or Saturday off ever the store I worked at also had the highest turnover rate in the company. So if you are thinking I want to be overworked under appreciated and stuck in a job that won’t go anywhere then Total Wine & More is for you."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I would simply warn anyone against working in the Houston market. The district manager clearly doesn't care as he's allowed managers and assistants to more or less walk in off the street without any wine/liquor experience, doesn't hold them accountable for passing tsp/twp exams, and is okay with poorly managed stores. Some stores have better culture than others but overall moral is low. I have yet to speak to an employee that feels they're fairly paid for all the jobs they take on and management is completely oblivious as people continue to quit.Paycheck (more than $0), vendors, discountsShort breaks, no hours, pay, workload"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work Low pay No room for advancement No breaks Co workers are horrible Not enough to live on Work you like a slave No respect Bad managementDiscountNone"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I saw this place hiring, filled out an application. Being from Kentucky, I love Bourbon. What a great job to have - being paid to talk booze with customers. During the interview, I was told I would be hired for cashiering and working on the sales floor. Not once did I do anything but cashier. The majority of managers and supervisors were rude people. No hello, how is your day. Just blank stares. I lasted 3 weeks. I'm too friendly to work around these people. No wonder in the breakroom this store had low scores for customer service and employee happiness posted."

Cashier and Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Too much work for low pay. Mgrs lie and abuse you. Dont work here. See all the alcoholics in town. ...Computers and scanners dont work. Favoritism for hours.EasyPay"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There is ZERO work/life balance, expect to be worked like a dog, for longer hours and less money. This place is like Walmart, and the management style is also similar. The turnover here is outrageous, and I understand why. Expect to work all weekend every weekend. Same for holidays. Expect to be open during hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, and all other inclement weather. The company cares more about making a dollar than it does it's own employees. You will be paid peanuts, unless you're a manager, in which case you'll be expected to work at least 50 hours, and barely make it above $40k. The job itself is very labor intensive, you can expect to stand for long hours, constantly lift and move cases, and you'll be sweaty and dirty by the time your shift is over.30% discount on "their" brandsShort lunches, long shifts, heavy lifting, stressful selling environment"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Management expects so much from the front end it actually seem like more than they do. Working on the floor is where it's at I've been told (by employees who work the floor or when a cashier works a floor shift) that they barely do anything and cashiering is harder work. It's nice you get to interact with customers. The bad thing is the managers and floor people are just talking away in the office area while the cashiers are super busy with customers. The management gets super upset if you leave your register to grab a bottle from the office but wont listen when you call them on the walkie talkie so they can grab it for you. What made me leave is they knew I had epilepsy and I had to call in one day because I was feeling like I was going to have one, and the manager got upset with me and tried making me feel guilty about it. Also tejy promised me hours they couldnt give I have to take an uber 5o work everytime I go so i told them i needed at least 30 hours a week In my interview (which the promised they could do) and ended up giving me like 18 at average. I was fast at what I did so they only put me to work on Friday Saturday and Sunday the busy days. I asked multiple times for more hours and never got them but yet they have a now hiring sign out front. They would give me 5 hour shifts so I wouldn't get a break and then try and make me stay longer. Either that or they would act like they didn't know I was supposed to leave at that time so I would stay longer.I got paidNo breaks, bad management"

Senior Buying Assistant (Former Employee) says

"dont do it. Just dont. Not at all a good place to be. Find something else. Anything. Do not work at TWM corporate office. It is not worth it. Dont do it!"

Merchandiser - Sarasota Area (Former Employee) says

"While I liked my fellow worker bees Middle and upper managerment were Terrible. Only cared about their bottom line not vary good at giving the customer good serviceWine and spiritsThe worst management I have ever work with or for"

Merchandiser & Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Hours were very long and pay was terrible. Pay raises were almost non existent and as well as advancement opportunities. Management was not always aware of responsibilities due to positions usually being held by people from outside of the company to fill the roles. No rapport with management in order to fill out daily duties in an efficient manner.Knowledge of different spirits and wineNo advancement opportunities"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This Place was slow and boring to work at. I was hired as a cashier and worked all over the store because it was busy enough for me to just do my job."

manager (Current Employee) says

"The Hiring process is long. You interview for manager and have many other interviews. I think they are looking for a perfect Robot. Made the process really long and they expect for you to know it all. They go through managers really fast. Don't waste your time."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be over worked under payed have no work life balance then work at total.Worst bosses I have ever dealt with. No wine/industry experience with management team but they will lecture you on selling wine. For any wine professional it's just too much to deal with.bosses, low pay, no time off, long hours, selling their bad home brand of wine, bosses have no wine knowledge"

Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"This company is a constant reminder of why people hate big business. These are the things to consider, which you should carefully and consciously focus on if you have any type of financial responsibilities. Low wages, minimum hours, and a dysfunctional team environment. Now, If that sounds like something you're willing to play against the odds, you're a perfect fit! Performance means nothing and employees are not the emphasis of the infrastructure. Unless you're desperate and you're really in a financial constraint, RUN! Don't walk, RUN!30% discountRead the review"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"If you like working all the time and all kinds of different hours then this is the job for you. Management does not provide any sort of leadership, make you feel welcome, and one love to speak about her own employee's. Overall, Do not work for this companyFree wine or discountscrazy work schedule unprofessional management low pay"

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